Domestic Violence Dealt With By Apologies And Compensation Rather Than Jail Time

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Michael Lewin

domestic violence

Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary, has voiced her disgust at the fact victims of domestic violence are more likely to receive an apology or monetary compensation, rather than seeing the offender face jail-time for their crime. With two women killed every week by their partner or an ex-lover, Cooper points out that if this were to happen at a football game, there would be a national outcry.

Prosecution for domestic violence is said to have taken a back-seat, with community resolutions in their place. It has been argued, that confronting violence with this resolution proves that the government do not take violence against women seriously enough.

Community resolutions are meant to address minor offences like trivial thefts, public disorder, vandalism and inconsequential assaults – NOT domestic violence. Labour has stated it has become increasingly concerned, because evidence has proven that many will not file a complaint after their first exposure to…

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