The 7 Types Of Terrible Ex-Boyfriends That There Are (And The Two You’ll Miss)

I like number 7 but could think of a more harsher word than asshole 🙂

Thought Catalog


1. The Puppy Dog

At first you really enjoyed all the attention he gave you. He showered you with affection every chance he could, and it felt really awesome for a while. But the puppy dog needs the same amount of affection back or else he will throw a tantrum. The constant “I like you” texts and the need to always be around each other became suffocating really fast. He does not understand the concept of alone time, he actually takes it personally when you just want to spend time by yourself. Compared to all his feelings, you seem emotionally unavailable. You were excited about having this fun, cute puppy, but now you want to send him back to the pound.

2. The Friend

You thought this was the best idea you ever had when it came to relationships. “We already hang out all the time and love the same…

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